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Summer Favorites



Summer Squash, Shallot and Herb Tart


Flathead Cherry and Walnut Pâté


Roasted Sweet Pepper and Eggplant Terrine


Summer Bruschetta Trio

Cucumber, Feta and Mint

Lemon Thyme, Shell Pea and Ricotta

Heirloom Tomato and Basil


Organic Artisan Cheeses

Lavender Shortbread

Savory Herb Biscotti


Goat Cheese


Sweet Grape






Bitterroot Beef Loin

Shitake Mushroom and Watercress


Wild Alaskan Salmon

Roasted Poblano, Sweet Corn

and Summer Squash


Grilled Bison Rib Eye 

 Fresh Chimichurri


Broiled Trout

Lemon Aioli

and Crispy Fried Leeks


Ricotta Gnocchi

Sweet Shell Peas, Fava

Beans and Browned Butter Sauce






Seared Scallops, Apple Slaw and Watercress


Fresh Basil, Heirloom Tomato,

Buffalo Mozzarella


 Organic Summer Greens, Sugar Snap Peas, 

Baby Carrots, Radish Toasted Almonds,

Sesame Vinaigrette


Organic Summer Greens, Fresh Strawberries, 

Black Pepper crusted Walnuts, Goat Cheese


Warm Wild Mushrooms, Radicchio, Hazelnuts

and Pecorino

"Break Bread, Spread Love"
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